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What is Resiliency?

Welcome to the Resiliency Project

The Belmont Elementary Site Council began a project a couple of years ago to bring family education to our learning community in an accessible and valuable manner. We simply wanted to make BEautiful Connections between ourselves, our families, and the amazing community resources who are dedicated to building the healthiest and strongest community possible around our growing children. Let's face it...this parenting thing is no walk in the park!

We had great success with our Family Education Night last January, during which participants had the opportunity to choose three of ten great topics spanning the physical, mental and social/emotional realms of health and wellness. The feedback was so positive that plans were begun for an expanded in-person format this year. Well, that couldn't happen.

Refusing to give up completely, we put our heads together (not literally, of course, but through Zoom) and decided to launch a web-based option that, as we build it, will be available to all at any time. Yay! That just left determining a focus, because we knew that taking on every topic we'd brainstormed at once would be futile. We wanted to address and provide encouragement toward something that was relevant BEFORE the pandemic, relevant DURING the pandemic, and will still be relevant AFTER the pandemic. We landed on RESILIENCE.

It is our sincere belief, through all of our conversations about work and home and family and anxiety and stress and living and learning and succeeding that the ability to be resilient, and furthermore, to raise resilient children, is a present need in all of our lives.

One other caveat to consider regarding resilience. If you are blessed with natural resilience and so are your children, please still consider that not all of those around you are in the same place. And often, when an adult is not resilient, then there are children close by who are struggling to piece together these skills, as well. Maybe some of them are your close friends or family- could you possibly help another? But also, realize that just because a child struggles with resiliency, doesn't mean that their parents haven't tried to teach them resilience effectively. There are many factors that are in play with social/emotional wellness...the most consistent one is that no two humans are alike. Empathy begs for your patience and understanding, while you strengthen and grow, as well.

We sincerely hope that this alternate path to family education will be just what you need, just when you need it. If this last year has taught us anything at all, it's that each new day can bring surprises, either blessing or challenge, and resilience is a powerful skill to own.


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Video Link Library

R is for Resilience

From the makers of Sesame Street, learn about resilience (emotional awareness, problem-solving and cultivating confidence) begin in early childhood. 

Wellbeing for Children: Resilience (7:41)

This is an annimated video that you might wish to watch with your children to understand the concept of Resilience. 

Things that Build Resilience in Kids (4:24)

This is a short parent information chat directly from a specialist to parents to help in understanding how building resilience in children is helpful.